The world’s different types of music, echo in the old city, the castle and the old customhouse, providing a universal rhythm to the thousands of visitors. At every event we try to approach bands which have never appeared in Greece before, or haven’t in a while appeared in the country, for an exclusive appearance at our festival. Musicians like Orchesta Aragon, Rachid Taha, Third World, Mory Kante, Gypsy Kings, Mahotella Queens, Radio Tarifa and others have honored us with their presence at Cosmopolis.



Dance is an ancient and primordial way for humans to express themselves. It’s an interactive language which does not require knowledge and expertise. It’s understandable by people of all ages and has the ability to convey very important messages with very simple movements. At every Cosmopolis we host cultural groups from all around the world and one that represent a Greek city. This way we give the opportunity and space to other cultures, very different from ours, to express themselves. The square of Muhammad Ali is the space in which the stage is set every night as well as the starting place for all the festival’s events.



Food culture is a major part of every civilization. It reveals its origins. The ingredients, the flavors and the techniques are all connected to the climate, the morphology and the essence of every area. These elements influence greatly the formulation of each civilization. An outdoor ethnic restaurant is set at Mohammad Ali’s square in which chefs from Greece and guest countries create traditional and distinctive dishes every day.



Οι επισκέπτες του Cosmopolis έχουν και φέτος τη δυνατότητα να γίνουν θεατές της κινηματογραφίας του κόσμου μέσα από τις προβολές του Cosmomovies με ελεύθερη είσοδο.


The colors are flooding Theodore Poulidou Street. The aromas overwhelm you, the voices and smiles accompany you in your journey through the world. You can visit this multicolored bazaar in which you’ll have the chance to admire or buy folk art and traditional products that the representatives of the countries that are participating in the festival have brought.



Cosmopolis Kids is a major and important part of this event. It’s the yeast that will nourish the next generations. The involvement of children in multicultural events makes them partakers in otherness, equality and the magic which is human nature.

A selected series of events are responsible for the constructive entertainment and edification of our little friends. Children’s movies, shows, games from guest countries and workshops are set is certain spots throughout town.