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EGSCHIGLEN ensemble (MN)

Traditional Sounds from Mongolia








Uuganbaatar Tsend-Ochir Tobshuur (lute), vocals

Yesun-Erdene BatMoriin khuur (horse head violin), hel khuur (jew's harp), vocals

Khulan Navaandemberel Jatga (Mongolian zither), moriin khuur, vocals

Ariunaa Tserendavaa Dance, smal ritual hand percussion

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A few words

EGSCHIGLEN ensemble was founded in 1991 by master students of the conservatory of Ulaanbaatar. Still today four founding members are the heart of the group. From the very beginning, the musicians are focusing on the contemporary interpretation of traditional music of Mongolia. The group is searching systematically for the sound dimensions of this repertory with their traditional instruments and the Central Asian vocal style.

The music of a country is formed by its landscape and the way of life of its people. The music of the Mongoliansbreathes the freedom and power of the simple way of life close to the nature.The nomadic herders spend still lonely days in the steppes and mountains, where the wind, the sounds of the animals and their songs are the only entertainment. It is a deep human need to fill immense empty spaces with sounds to trace the topography of the landscape in melodies and the wind, which carries all the sounds and noises of the earth into answers.

For centuries in Mongolia survived despite Lamaism, Buddhism and Soviet influence, an animistic worldview that worships nature magical. Every stone, every mountain, every water, the sky, the clouds, the wind has a deity and isanimated by a spirit with which to communicate, to show him respect and to make him low.

The music of EGSCHIGLEN impresses by virtue of its variety and gracefulness. They interpret both traditional songs and the works of contemporary Mongolian composers with their fine-tunedarrangements by using traditional instruments from Mongolia and Central Asian vocal techniques.Their pieces often have chamber-music quality and transparency – and then again the original enchanting power of folk traditions.

Can you believe that one voice can produce such low and high sounds at the same time? (Yes, it is possible!) On the other hand the music sounds familiar, by expressing basic human feelings: love, sorrow and thankfulness.

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