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Piano in Love

with Manos Kitsikopoulos & Makis Provatas












Manos Kitsikopoulos

Makis Provatas

A few words


When we look back to the revolutions that have evolved mankind and have moved humanity forward, our thoughts get trapped in the realm of politics. But for man, through the ages, nothing has been more profoundly revolutionary than art and science. What is more revolutionary than what Beethoven, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Tycho Brahe, Einstein, Picasso, Hypatia?

Shortly after 1700 Bartolomeo Cristofori made his own revolutionary gesture to humanity: he presented an instrument which was an evolution of the gravicembalo and was called gravicembalo col piano e forte. He made a new instrument whose capabilities included piano and forte, from the two Italian words meaning “slow” and ” strong” (because of the ability of this instrument to change volume). He created it because the desire of musicians at the time, was to be able to play in a wide dynamic range.

On the other hand, on a personal level, it is usually through love that a man becomes capable of the greatest revolutions, the greatest transgressions. “PianoinLove” is a pianistic tribute to great composers by the great and award-winning pianist Manos Kitsikopoulos. But he wanted there to be some words, some lyrics, some texts to introduce or comment on these pieces. Makis Provatas attempted to find those words that could stand up to Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, the Beatles, Astor Piazzolla, Radiohead and Bill Evans.

Anyway, when the piano is in love, the words sound different, they take on their true meaning…



He was born in Athens, where he studied piano with Professors Max and Yannis Halleker, higher theory with Alexandros Dionatos and musicology at the University of Athens. He then studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London with pianist Joanna MacGregor, where he completed his Master of Arts (2013) and Artist Diploma in PianoPerformance (Level 8 Doctorate, 2017), receiving the Dip.RAMAward (Diploma of the Royal Academy of Music for OutstandingFinalRecital), the highest distinction given by the Academy.For his studies in London, he has received scholarships from the Onassis Foundation (billion), AthenaScholarship and LifeActionTrust.

He has received various awards and honours, such as the 1st GrandPrix prize in the international ClamoMusic competition (2019), the Dorothy Briant Award (2015), the LIoyd Hartley Prize (2012), while in December 2016 he was awarded the “Eleni T. Mykonios” prize of the Class of Letters & Fine Arts by the Academy of Athens.

As a soloist he has performed with the Royal Academy Big Band, Janáček Philharmonic, OrquestaSinfónica de laRegión de Murcia, Athens State Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens, ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra. He has given performances and recitals in Greece, England, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany, in important halls: Athens Concert Hall, Herodou Atticus Conservatory, National Lyric Stage-KPISN, Parnassos Philological Society Hall, Benaki Museum, Presidential Palace, British Embassy in Athens, VictorVillegasAuditorio in Spain, Royal Opera House and SouthbankCenter in the UK.



Born in Athens. He graduated from the Dental School of Thessaloniki. Since 1999 he has been broadcasting (EPA, VIMA fm and AthensVoice 102.5). He has conducted over 400 interviews with foreign and Greek scientists, academics, politicians, writers and artists for VIMA, VIMagazino and AthensVoice. Among them, Stephen Hawking, Noam Chomsky, Richard Dawkins, Dario Fo, Eric Hobsbawm, Irvin Yalom, Yuval Noah Harari, John Cleese, Eduardo Galeano, Patti Smith, Eric Burdon, John Malcovich, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Frank Serpico.

In 2019 AthensVoiceBooks published a book of 21 of his interviews, entitled 21 Wonderful Greeks speak about Athens, and in 2022 the book The Paths of the Stars, discussions conducted by Makis Provatas with astrophysicist Dionysis Simopoulos.
Since 2019 he has been presenting “Axion Dialogue”, an interview show on ACTION 24.

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