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Vangelis Petriniotis & Despina Psatha









Despina Psatha Guitar, singing

Vangelis Petriniotis Bouzouki, vocals

Few words

Since 2018, Vangelis Petriniotis and Despina Psatha, as a duo, have been focusing on rebetiko singing of the period 1920-1950. The Greek urban music of this period is a common point of research for both of them, while their programme reflects assimilated knowledge resulting from their doctoral research.

The programme they will present at the festival includes songs from the period 1932 – 1941. They will perform stories of love, separation, tekedes as well as instrumental works by important composers of the period. A large part of the performance has to do with compositions by Markos Vamvakaris and songs performed by Rosa Eskenazy, two of the most important figures of the rebetiko repertoire. Finally, some of their own compositions will also be heard, which, although contemporary, move in the musical forms of the Rebetika and draw on the interpretative characteristics of that era.


Vangelis Petriniotis studied the three-string bouzouki at undergraduate and postgraduate level, while today as a PhD candidate of the Department of Music. He is a candidate musician and a candidate of Music Science and Art at the University of Music and Performing Arts. As a candidate professor of Music and Arts and Musicology and University of Macedonia, he studies the development of interpretation and performance on the three-string bouzouki through the recorded orchestral excerpts of the performers of the instrument.

In 2019 his published hs book with title: “Pre-war rebetiko – M. Vamvakaris, A. Delia, G. M. Vambari, A. Vambari, A. A. Batis, Batis’, which deals with the pre-war work of the three composers.

His first personal recording work was released in 2016 with the title “Colours”. The album presents the different musical idioms, techniques and tunings from Marko Vamvakaris to Django Reinhardt, including his own compositions.

Despina Psatha studied traditional singing at undergraduate level and in her postgraduate studies she focused on the vocal technique and interpretation of Rosa Eskenazy, which she is still studying today at doctoral level as a doctoral candidate at the University of Athens. She is currently working as a doctoral student at the University of Ioannina, Department of Music and Performing Arts.

In October 2018 her book was published: “Rosa Eskenazy. Pre-war rebetika and traditional songs, a study of vocal technique and performance and its recording on sheet music” . In 2019 her album was released: “A Tribute to Rosa Eskenazy”.




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